For now this is a placeholder post. Check back at the end of July for my thoughts and recommendations.

For now, here’s a compilation of our individual days’ routes, courtesy of Ben:

3 Replies to “Epilogue”

  1. Hi Paul, congratulations, a major effort to complete the full ride! I have enjoyed your blog vey much, brings back ABB memories, thank you for sharing! All the best and hope to see you on the road in the near future. Kees.

    1. Kees,

      Thanks for the note. It would be great to ride with you again. ABB West next year (if they revive)?

  2. Paul, I am seriously considering the Ride the West in 2023, as it crosses an area I have wanted to ride for a long time (Highway 1 :-)). Indeed let’s hope ABB will stay in business. I’ll keep you updated! I just returned from riding the Dolomites in Italy with my son, beautiful but very different from crossing the USA of course. Best, Kees.

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