Day 25 – Brunswick, GA to Jacksonville, FL

74 miles, 490 feet of climbing

It seems fair to say that every bit of climbing today was a bridge over either I-95 or one of the many rivers we crossed. Being the last day, some packed up there bikes and were gone by the evening. Others, including Melanie and I, stayed over night before departing. One rider was riding on to Fort Lauderdale, 300+ miles for crows. Continue reading “Day 25 – Brunswick, GA to Jacksonville, FL”

Day 23 – Rest day, Savannah, GA

Melanie arrived last night and we walked around downtown, grabbed beers and dessert.

This morning we headed out for an early breakfast and the walked the River Walk back to our hotel. Then to the airport to add me as a driver on her rental car. We spotted a Culver’s restaurant something I first encountered on the ABB North trip in 2004. I introduced her to frozen custard, Midwest style. Continue reading “Day 23 – Rest day, Savannah, GA”

Day 21 – Santee, SC to Walterboro, SC

67 miles, 670 feet of climbing

Today we left at 7 am, hoping to beat some of the heat. Success, helped by a fast pace to the first and only SAG at 37 miles and a reasonable, but steady pace to Walterboro. Dan, John, Ian, Harry and I stopped at the DQ (official stop for these things) across the road from the motel and took our time, expecting that our rooms might not be ready. Some were, some were not. Continue reading “Day 21 – Santee, SC to Walterboro, SC”

Day 20 – Georgetown, SC to Santee, SC

96 miles (93 actual), 750 feet of climbing

Not many photos today. Not much new, trying to motor along to the end. And I was expecting to have some nice photos of Lake Marion from a bicycle/pedestrian bridge parallel to I-95. Unfortunately the bridge was closed at both ends, apparently because of bad behavior in recent times. We were shuttled over the I-95 bridge to the hotel. Continue reading “Day 20 – Georgetown, SC to Santee, SC”