Day 39: Wooster to Niles, OH

94 miles, 3678 feet climbed

Today was another long day. The winds were not particularly strong but they were mostly crosswinds. Unlike yesterday, the many climbs and descents were spread throughout the day. Near the end, we turned north toward our hotel on a very nice bike path for 8 miles or so. The last couple of miles, though, were on some very poorly patched local streets.

It was overcast for most of the day. Rain was not expected but the roads were damp from a storm in the predawn hours. A little drizzle did come before the first SAG. It was time to clean my bike and lube my chain, hopefully ridding it of a clunking sound.

Canal Fulton
Berlin Lake
Mahoning River, from the bike path

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  1. I have enjoyed reading the blogs from the XC2022 group. I crossed in 2001 and did LA to Flagstaff in 2004. Brings back so many great memories.

    Please say Hi to Paula and Rick W. for me.

    Thanks Mike “13 letters” Pfeilschifter

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