Day 34: Champaign, IL to Crawfordsville, IN

81 miles, 1371 feet climbed

After a day off–one more to go in Erie, PA–we’re off again. We started going south from the hotel, then across Champaign and Urbana, passing through the University of Illinois campus. At Peyton’s fire station a group of his colleagues, more than I expect were on duty at the time, were by the side of the road waiting to greet and razz him. Then it was on to the countryside.

Bob M. and I took a brief detour on a bike trail that paralleled the road our route was mapped to. And suggested that we take by at least one auto driver. It was not paved but instead packed fine gravel, OK today but not where you’d want to be if it were raining or wet. Our SAG for the day was at mile 39 or so at a park in Danville. I’m beginning to feel better and had a little more push to my pedaling.

As we crossed into Indiana and were taking our pictures of the welcome sign, a gentleman paused to advise us that the road we were about to continue on was dangerous for cyclists, this gleamed from his experience as a state trooper. I wouldn’t argue the point as the next few miles offered a sketchy shoulder often bisected by a rumble strip. On the other hand, we do have some recent experience in this realm, perhaps more than we’d like.

The University of Illinois. Bob M. was married here more than 60 years ago.
The Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana
The highest corn seen thus far. Most of the other fields were less than half the height of these specimens.
The Wabash River, which drains a good portion of Indiana and parts of Illinois
Veedersburg, IN

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  1. Paul, I (Mike Munk) saw you guys riding along 136 this morning in pittsboro. I was on the golf course. Hope you have a safe finish. Barb and I live in Brownsburg now and I’m sending this from Karen’s phone. Stay safe.

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