Day 32: Springfield to Champaign, IL

88 miles, 719 feet climbed

Feeling a little better today, I rode. The winds were quartering headwinds, but not gale force. More highways, a few backroads, in other words, the same. If I sound a little burned out, well perhaps I am. One tanker truck driver blew his horn continuously for at least 10 seconds as he passed me. I don’t know if he was upset at me, hugging the side of the road with no shoulder, or the cars ahead of him who reasonably adjusted their speeds to safely pass. He displayed the same respect for Dana, about a quarter-mile ahead of me at that point.

First SAG in Chestnut
Across from the SAG. Peyton came out with a monster piece of carrot cake, Claim Jumper sized. I was tempted but I am trying to lose some weight on this trip.
We’re only now starting to see dense woods right up to the road rights of way
To make up for the missed sign due to road construction crossing the Mississippi,, here’s a suitably framed version behind the reception desk at out Champaign hotel