Day31: Quincy to Springfield, IL

I gave myself another day off today. What happened to my ride or die attitude that sometimes had me riding when my feet were slipping under standing water as I peadled or fighting 30 mph headwinds? It has died. Today’s rationale, I woke up congested with a mild cough, the route was 106 miles long, and rain, possibly thunderstorms, was predicted for part of the day. I chose not to risk making things worse. I rode in the van, wearing a mask to protect Fran, one of our SAG drivers and around the others at the two SAGs.

I spent most of the day listening to an audiobook on my Shokz bone conducting earphones (or should I say ear ticklers?). They are working surprisingly well, at least for voices. When the crosswinds are whipping or going fast downhill, the wind noise drowns them out at any reasonable volume but most of the time they do a good job of helping the miles pass.