Day 21 – Santee, SC to Walterboro, SC

67 miles, 670 feet of climbing

Today we left at 7 am, hoping to beat some of the heat. Success, helped by a fast pace to the first and only SAG at 37 miles and a reasonable, but steady pace to Walterboro. Dan, John, Ian, Harry and I stopped at the DQ (official stop for these things) across the road from the motel and took our time, expecting that our rooms might not be ready. Some were, some were not.I started out last but eventually caught up with Dan, John and Ian. I pulled them until we caught up with the #2 group on the road. They said riding behind me is like riding behind a sheet of plywood, a compliment, I hope. From there our longer train eventually caught up with Michael and then splintered into two until the SAG.

More dogs coming out on the road today than any previous, including one I saw chasing one rider ahead of me and then crouching in the grass to try to surprise me. I pulled my pump out and “waived” it off.

And did I mention that South Carolina’s roads generally suck? No shoulders or wide rumble strips rendering them unreliable, irregular pavement (bumps and cracks). Leading the race for worst roads for now; we’ll see what Georgia and Florida have to offer.

Consequently, not a lot of pictures. I may have seen some actual cotton on the plants but it could’ve been the flowers that precede the cotton. Maybe tomorrow into Savannah for our last rest day.

From the road . . .
with Bob, Jim and Harry (L – R)
Who wouldn’t like their own personal lake?