Prelude, Saturday, September 11

I arrived in Boston yesterday on a red-eye about 6:30 am. After picking up my rental car, I worked my way over to the Seven Cycles shop in Waterford, to see where my bike frame was made back in 2003. They say they are the largest purely custom frame maker in the world. On to REI for a few supplies and then to Portsmouth through heavy mid-day traffic.

The Seven facility, tucked behind a Lexus dealer was impressive. We talked a little bit about what has changed since my frame and I was able to see all of the work stations that a frame passes through. Though a bit tempted, I still like my frame quite a lot. Its parts need some refreshing, of course.

Some of the refreshing I did before packing up the bike in the week–new chainrings, chain and cassette, in effect a whole new drivetrain. Well, not quite. The rear derailleur is getting awful close to the larger cassette cogs (gears). Mike Munk, the ABB ride leader and our mechanic for this ride, was able to adjust it but it looks like the springs need to be changed out before long. I can take care of the over the winter.

Saturday was for orientation. Getting the bike checked out, orientation, route rap (explaining the ins and outs of the next day’s ride) and our first group dinner.