Day 6 – Easton, PA to Pottstown, PA

72 miles, 3650 feet of climbing

After working pretty well yesterday, my legs were not in the mood. They dragged me to the end of the ride but didn’t want to work hard doing so. We all have those days, the difference being that we’re on a schedule. So you ride.

We rode from the hotel across Easton back over the Delaware into New Jersey. Because of the threat of late afternoon thunderstorms, and dragging along, I took only a few photos.

Here is part of Easton from across the Delaware:

If you think your job is tough, try mowing this much grass with this mower (look closely):

A giant rain gauge?

My legs loosened up toward the end but never developed an interest in climbing. Let’s hope they get a good rest tonight.

We went for diner to a restaurant specializing in cheesesteak. Had to have one of those. I finished 15 of the 16 inches I ordered.