Days -1 and 0 – Astoria, Oregon

Yesterday morning (Saturday), I flew from Sacramento into Portland. The original plan was to take the Max light rail to Beaverton and then pick up a bus to Astoria. I would arrive in Astoria about 12:30. Instead I took a Lyft ride from the airport to Astoria and arrived about 3 hours earlier, shortly before I would have boarded the bus. By noon, I had my bike out of the box, assembled, and ready for inspection by the ABB mechanics.

I then took a walk back toward Astoria’s downtown and got some lunch. When I got back the mechanics had given my bike the AOK. Unfortunately I reversed the order of two bearing sets in the headset. That resulted in a stiff, ratchety feel to the steering. I figured that probably wasn’t going to work well. Sure enough, when I started the ride to the beach this morning, I confirmed that it wasn’t right and a likely source of a crash if I tried to ride it any distance. I had this problem years ago and finally recalled the solution–reversing the order of the bearings. Once done, all was right with the bike. I rode out to the beach. Many of the riders dipped their wheels in the Pacific Ocean, to be repeated when we get to New Hampshire. A little drizzle was part of the package.

Rider orientation began at 3:00, followed immediately by Route Rap, where Staff tells us about the next day’s route.

The trace of my ride to the beach, taken from the screen of my phone app that controls the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt computer on my bike. I’ll try to post the trace for each day of riding.
America by Bicycle’s vehicle fleet, not including the sedan. The unmarked trailer carries our luggage. It and the other trailer are also used to set up SAG (snack) stops along the route.
The bridge from Astoria to Washington State, seen from directly below. It is just to the west of out hotel.
Our hotel
The remains of busier times on the waterfront
A load of logs going to ?? On my Lyft ride from the airport, I saw this or a similar ship being loaded further up the river.
Some of our folks dipping their wheels
Looking south down the shoreline from the Columbia River South Jetty Observation Deck
Looking along the jetty to the west
On the Fort Stevens State Park bike path
Elk in the State Park