Day 6 – John Day to Baker City, Oregon

81 miles, 4931 feet climbed

After yesterday’s long ride, many admitted to having tired legs, me among them. Today promised about 500 feet less climbing but still a lot, spread over three mountain passes, over only 45 fewer miles. We’re starting to seesome injuries that may keep those riders in the vans for a few days, but no ride-ending events. However one rider did have to abandon the tour due to a death in his family.

I made it over all the climbs just fine, though with less energy than yesterday. Once in Baker City, a criterium bicycle race was in progress, just like 15 years ago. I watched part of it while sipping on a very thick huckleberry milkshake from a shop on one of the race corners. I got to play with the high speed shooting feature of my new Fujifilm mirrorless camera, one result shown below.

A few miles east of Prineville, looking south
Prairie City storefronts
Looking back west from the lookout on the first climb to Dixie Mt Summit
Dixie Mt Summit looking east
Tipton Mt Summit, the second climb of the day
Phillips Lake was the site of the second SAG stop. Or rather it was “Phillips Lake adjacent.”
Though we began the day with a cloudless sky, they eventually appeared, here over Phillips Lake.
And I felt a drop from time to time.
We crossed the Powder River before Phillips Lake and then several times after passing the lake, until we were nearly in Baker City
A race shot from Baker City