Day 15 – Idaho Falls, Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming

91 miles, 5505 feet climbed

This entry is a day late because it was a busy day, with two thunderstorms delaying my arrival and just being rather tired and then slow WiFi in Dubois. But I made it over Teton Pass, and down into Jackson.

The first thunderstorm I caould hear coming up behind me as I was entering the outskirts of Victor, Idaho after the first of our two passes. I pushed on the accelerator and arrived in downtown Victor just as the skies opened up with wind-driven rain and hail. But for stopping to pull my rain jacket out of my seat bag, I might not have gotten wet at all. I joined Jeff and a couple of other riders and staff in the Big Hole BBQ, and ordered lunch. They were packed and it took a while for our sandwiches to come. By the time we were done and paid up, the storm had passed and the riders behind us had taken off, making us dead last.

We made it to the Wyoming sign and up Teton pass (8431′). There was no time for a celebratory pause or photos as the next wave of thunderstorms was on our heels. I made it about a third of the way down the bike path that we now use to descend from Teton Pass before taking shelter against the slope of a hairpin turn for about 15 minutes. Once that storm passed, I completed the descent and the rest of the route into Jackson.

Snake River from the Rest Area and first SAG
The Snake before we peeled off to the north
A ranch
Plateau before first pass of the day–Pine Creek Summit (6764′)
Jeff and I at the state line
Snake River just west of Jackson
Jackson Hole ski area