Day 26 – Chamberlain to Mitchell, South Dakota

75 miles, 1132 feet climbed

Today the headwinds turned in our favor. Except for the miles of concrete roads with mismatched heights at the seams every 10 feet or so–called “ker-dunk” or something similar by staff. Not as bad as the road heading north out of Pocatello, but still annoying. I don’t think I mentioned that I picked up a suspension seatpost in Rapid City to tame those kind of roads. It seems to be working to reduce their impact, making for a little less fatigue and less rough on my camera hanging in a bag attached to the underside of my seat.

There wasn’t a lot new to see today as far as landscapes go. Some of us stopped off in Pukwana to see the lawnmower racing track and the Puk U bar. There was also a Tractor Museum. And in Mitchell before arriving at the hotel, the Corn Palace, where corn husks, cut in half lengthwise and nailed to plywood, become art.

The racetrack itself
Conveniently located right next to the racetrack
One of the many pieces in the Tractor Museum’s collection
One-room schoolhouse
Longhorns, hanging out with cows and calves
Me and Corny
The front of the Corn Palace
Iwo Jima panel
South side panels
Another south side panel, partially completed
For comparison, here is the Corn Palace in 2004