Day 37 – Ludington to Mount Pleasant, Michigan

113 miles, 3271 feet climbed

Coming after the ferry day and evening arrival at our hotel, this day had the potential to be a grind. Luckily it was not. Western Michigan seems to be less densely inhabited than Wisconsin. We began by heading pretty much due south, then turned to the east. The first third or so was lushly forested. Then we encountered open lands with more corn and soybeans, along with a bit of wheat.

In 2004, we skirted along the lakeshore and passed by a pumped storage project–water is pumped up hill when there is surplus or cheap electricity and then released down the hill to generate electricity at times of peak demand. We could see the project from the SS Badger yesterday. Our route today passes inland of the project.

In 2004 I rated Michigan’s roads as the worst that we traveled. So far, they’ve been much better. We saw a good amount of new paving this time.

Today’s photos come from my cell phone. I forgot to pull my pocket camera from my luggage before loading it this morning (yesterday I was using the bigger camera on the Badger).

2004 photo of the pumped storage project
Seen from the SS Badger yesterday
Typical forest road
Clear Lake
Building mural in Big Rapids
Downtown Big Rapids around the corner from the mural
Mount Pleasant downtown