Day 49 – Brattleboro, Vermont to Manchester, New Hampshire

79 miles, 4885 feet climbed

Today’s climbing, while less in absolute terms than yesterday’s, felt like more. That was likely due to the slopes being steeper. The route is modified from 2004, skipping two steep climbs according to staff. I remember one of them–Joe English Road–which my friend Andrew and I raced up the 10% grade for nearly a mile only to find a little more 10% after a false flat near the top. The downhill into Manchester was more rewarding than today’s approach. But change is good, right?

Tonight we had our banquet. Some made lengthy comments, others did not. Not too many people can or do ride their bikes across the country and they are to be congratulated for doing so. Everyone thanked the staff for their efforts to keep us fed, watered and safe.

Sadly Karen Bauer, who has staffed three of the four ABB rides I’ve ridden, announced her retirement from staffing. I wish her well, and will miss her level-headed attitude and support. The standing ovation she received was well deserved.

Within a mile or two, we were in New Hampshire
House in Keene
More Keene
A working paper mill
The river across the roadfrom the paper mill
Quiet forest road