Day 23: Great Bend to McPherson, KS

65 miles, 512 feet climbed

Today’s predicted winds were greater in velocity than yesterday’s, with higher gusts and directly from the south. Our route was due east. Not optimal, right. Things were relatively calm for the first couple of hours but then they picked up for the second half of the ride. Luckily the federal highway we rode was designed with wide shoulders, allowing ample room to steer back on course as the gusts tried to direct me into traffic. (I would not have ridden Texas/Oklahoma’s narrow shoulders in these winds.)

As I turned to the south just before our hotel, I nearly stopped dead when directly confronting the winds. They continued to blow into the afternoon and evening perhaps more strongly. There is a weather alert for strong winds until 7 am, though the forecast shows them continuing after that time, peaking at 45 mph gusts at 1 pm. Another challenging day. So far I’ve been able to control my bike but the effort does wear one down.

Ellinwood’s downtown
Lyons courthouse
Businesses ring the courthouse in Lyons. This view is to the north from the northeast corner.

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  1. Where have you been? I mean, how did I miss your blog until now?

    I rode Manhattan Beach to Boston with CR in ’09 and again in ’17.

    This Mother’s Day, I rode my bike down to the beach to see this year’s crop of riders head for parts east.

    I’m very happy to discover another blog to follow.

    RSRO (ride safely and often),

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