Day 46: Utica to Troy, NY

100 miles, 2188 feet climbed

Today being another long day, with the potential for rain, I didn’t plan on taking many photos. The rains stayed away until dinner time and were light even then. Much of the scenery was familiar from the 2019 ABB North ride. We’re following the same basic track, though with some differences in the specific streets. For example, right after Little Falls, ABB switched to the south side of the Mohawk River while Crossroads kept us on NY Hwy 5 until Schenectady. ABB’s approach put us on the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail earlier than Crossroads’.

ABB overnighted us in Latham, to the west of Troy. From 2004 I recalled Troy as “rugged,” in the middle of the process of urban decay. I’m happy to say that things have improved, though there is more work to do. The nature of the retail shops suggests that rents are still low but I did not have the concerns for my physical safety that I had in 2004.

Mohawk River
Power plant on the Mohawk. The stacks suggest that the river was used for cooling but there are several hydroelectric plants shown on Google Maps so maybe this one was a hybrid. It appears to be decommissioned.
2nd SAG at 56.1 miles, 18 miles after the 1st SAG (38.1 miles), leaving 39.9 miles to the hotel. At this point many riders were saying that 2 SAGs were not enough for a 100 mile day and spacing them this way makes the problem worse. The phrase “it is what it is” is becoming a punchline.
First Reformed Church- Schenectady