Day 1 — Sea Tac to Shelton, Washington

August 27, 2023, 63,7 miles, 3560 feet climbed

Today our first goal was to get to the ferry, which runs less frequently on Sundays. All made it fine and we had an uneventful crossing of Puget Sound. It was far from flat, knocking off 830 feet of our climbing budget. The ferry first stopped at Vashon Island then quickly departed for Southworth.

The rest of the climbing came in small pieces but on at least two of them I briefly saw 14 percent on my bike computer and Michelle claimed 16 percent on hers. We passed through a newly developing area to the southwest of Bremerton and then on side roads all the way to Shelton, dropping into downtown on a nice downhill. The route file wouldn’t load onto my bike computer so I spent most of the day following someone else. I solved that issue in the evening.

Our motel for the evening was characterized by someone as typical of the 1960/70’s. I only found out about it in the morning by there was an electrical fire in the ceiling of the unit above me. Two riders had to be relocated to another property. It certainly explains the stomping around that I heard during the late evening.

While it appears that I rode on the water, we rode onto the ferry and only then did I stop recording on my bike computer
Looking north from a little to the west of the Southworth ferry port
The first, but not last, clear cut we’ll see
Typical road for today