Day 5 — Tillamook to Lincoln City, OR

48.2 miles, 3094 feet climbed

I’m writing this on Day 14. Why so behind with postings? Several factors, chief among them flaky WiFi at many of the hotels along the way. We don’t start riding as early in the day as I’m used to on other tours, which means arriving later in the afternoon. For the most part I’ve been going out to dinner with other riders and not at fast food joints, taking more time from blogging. And the one beer I generally have with them puts me in a sleepy state. So, be patient and express no surprise if it is a week or more after the tour ends before you have a complete set of 25 days plus an epilogue.

It didn’t rain much on us today but an overnight storm soaked the roads and my tires did a good job of recycling that water on to me.