Day 2 – Worcester, MA to Windsor Locks, CT

64 Miles, 3700 feet climbed.

Though slightly less climbing than yesterday, today’s climbs were a little longer and in some cases steeper than yesterday’s. And my legs didn’t have the “pop” that they delivered yesterday. I was the last to leave the hotel and brought up the rear most of the day. It rained during the night and the roads were often wet. So a bike cleaning at the end of the day was pretty much guaranteed. The rain didn’t come until the last 8 miles for me. Somewhere along the line, I hit something that caused a cut in my rear tire’s sidewall, eventually resulting in a blowout with those 8 miles to go.

I did get a few photos:

A lake between the first and second SAG stops:

The view up the road from where I took the lake photo:

A tobacco harvest a little to the east of Windsor Lakes. One of the other riders learned that these leaves are grown specially to be used for cigar wrappers, owing to their length.

Mike Munk and I both purchased some generic Locktite, which Mike applied to my crank arm bolt to see if we can get it to quit loosening. Tomorrow will tell on that.