Day 3 – Windsor Locks, CT to Poughkeepsie, NY

90 miles, 5200 feet of climbing

The riding began on wet roads but a combination of sun and clouds held for most, but not all, of the day. Yesterday’s climbing came as an accumulation of little climbs. Today’s seemed a bit steeper and longer.

Among the sights, a couple of churches:

Saville Dam:

The view from a rail trail (old railroad right of way converted to a bicycling path):

The first actual state line sign that we’ve seen (Massachusetts and New Hampshire were MIA):

Towards the end, Pam of the staff warned of thunderstorms ahead. Soon thereafter they came. I sheltered in a barn at an equestrian farm for about 20 minutes, during which some rip-roaring thunderclaps sounded like they were quite close. Given the option of waiting another 30 minutes for the storm to pass, I chose to be shuttled to the hotel.  14 miles not ridden, I’ll get over it.