Day 19 – N. Myrtle Beach, SC to Georgetown, SC

97 miles, 620 feet of climbing

I would not have guessed that today’s route included even 620 feet of climbing. Instead the challenge was the heat and humidity-temps in the 90 degree range with a “real feel” much closer to 100 degrees. Some riders adapted better than others.

With N. Myrtle Beach and Georgetown being on the Atlantic coast, you might think that our route would be along the coast. Wrong. We ventured inland through the town of Conway. Given the heavy traffic and nonexistent shoulders on the highways that we used to get inland, going down the coast likely would have been challenging and dangerous.

Staff asked a few of us who ride a little slower than the others or take extra time to smell the roses, take photos, etc., to start 30 minutes later. The purpose was to limit the spread of the group to make it easier to keep our water bottles topped off after the second SAG stop.

Ironically, two of us, Ian and I, were among the first to take advantage of the extra water stops and make it to Georgetown. Admittedly I took only a couple of pictures. And putting one’s head down and churning the pedals to get to the next destination as quickly as possible continues to seem silly to me. When we arrived at the hotel, our rooms weren’t ready.

I felt pretty good, if anything, waterlogged, having taken in nearly four water bottles after leaving the second SAG. I rewarded myself with a scoop each of peach and nutty coconut ice cream from one of the three ice cream vendors I spotted in downtown Georgetown.

The photos:

One of the quieter roads.

An appropriate location for one of the post second SAG water stops
Downtown Georgetown
From the Georgetown riverfront looking back inland toward the steel (yes) plant
Georgetown riverfront looking toward Winyah Bay

We had the best dinner of the trip so far at Aunny’s in downtown Georgetown. Simple, very good southern cooking. Highly recommended.

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  1. Nice pictures! You deserved the ice cream. Thanks for the descriptive commentary.

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