Day 8 – Ontario, Oregon to Boise, Idaho

64 miles, 1795 feet climbed

Another relatively easy day, with sunny skies and warming up. For the first time, I began the ride with neither jacket, nor arm or leg warmers. Another first was a flat, actually a slow leak due to a small shard of metal that worked its way through my rear tire tread. It came within ten miles of the finish. I tried pumping up the tire to see if it could get me there. I only made about a quarter mile before it was flat again.

It took a while to get the shard out. Staff recommends adding tweezers to one’s tool kit but I have not yet done so. Several local cyclists stopped to see if I needed help but they didn’t carry tweezers either. Eventually, by flexing the tire and using fingernails, I was able to get it out, put in a spare tube, and be on my way again. I joined those ahead of me who had stopped for lunch in the Hyde Park district of Boise, north of downtown.

At the hotel, I gave my bike a cleaning and patched the tube. The hole was so small that I had to put the tube in the sink to find it. Only a bubble every few seconds, gave it away.

The Payette River east of Ontario. It feeds into the Snake River north of Ontario.
A gopher’s eye view of leeks(?)
Bison. Sometimes mistakenly called Buffalo, which are found in Asia. Not an easy shot with the morning sun backlight.
This hay filed offered curving lines and contours that cried out for picture taking. They don’t show as well here as in person. Bonus-spot the power plant in the distance.
A country club west of Eagle.