Day 9 – Boise, Idaho (rest day)

No riding or climbing.

Today, I took care of laundry, updated the blog, and went for a walkabout in downtown Boise. Staff was off checking the bike path we will use tomorrow at the beginning of our ride.

Downtown Boise appears to have a vibrant restaurant scene. I was more interested in the Capitol building, which we passed on yesterday’s route, and a local bike shop that I vaguely recall from 15 years ago. I found a second bike shop and took some photos:

I liked the look of this credit union builing
Apartments or condos,
Idaho State Capitol
The Bike Shop I didn’t know about already, part of a sporting goods store with, among other things, an extensive selection of disc golf disks. For the life of me, I couldn’t see or feel any significant differences between the various discs, but I know that one must have several to be effective.