Day 10 – Boise to Mountain Home, Idaho

53 miles, 1634 feet climbed

Today was a short day, made shorter still by pretty strong tailwinds. We left Boise on a bike path along the Boise River, transitioning to I-84 for a while and then roads roughly paralleling I-84.

I had another flat, on the Interstate and before the first and only SAG stop. Rob, our chief mechanic, and I could not determine the cause. Yesterday’s patched tube was installed and the tire held fine for the rest of the day. We'[re definitely in the Idaho desert, reminding me more of southern California’s desert than the agricultural area I now live in.

At the end of the initial bike path we crossed the Boise River on the bridge in the background and then climbed a bluff.
Downtown Boise in the distance from the bluff
Desert vegetation
Looking north
This afternoon, Rob gave a clinic on keeping our drivetrains, primarily the chain, clean and properly lubricated

The pool at this Best Western is somewhat unique in that the steps into the deeper parts are quite a way from the edges. Also note the rock feature.