Day 11 – Mountain Home to Twin Falls, Idaho

98 miles, 2838 feet climbed

Another day with great cycling weather. The start was on the cool side and it wasn’t too hot on arrival in Twin Falls. I wore a jacket until the second SAG. Mostly a helping tailwind. Even though the marching orders of the day were to keep moving, don’t dally at the two SAG stops or taking too many pictures, I managed to get good selection for you, including Joe’s broken crank (he’s fine).

A lot of today looked like this
Snake River looking back towards Glenns Ferry
A green oasis
Feding time, which seems to be most of the time
Snake River gorge looking west from the observation point near the bridge at the north end of Twin Falls
The bridge
River recreators
A base jumper approaching the landing zone
The part of Joe’s crank that remained on the bike
The part that broke off