Day 12 – Twin Falls to Burley, Idaho

43 miles, 1621 feet climbed

Today did not feel as easy as it should have, what with light headwinds but mostly dried out chipsealed pavement, which as yesterday wears you down with constant vibration. Makes me wish I’d brought my suspension seatpost from my old bike.

The route has two options to visit the Shoshone and Twin Falls on the Snake River. In 2004, I chose to visit Twin Falls. One of the “twins” was diverted to generate electricity and barely trickled, if that. I was told that Shoshone was much more impressive and today I saw that to be true with my own eyes and lens.

Shoshone Falls today

vs Twinn Falls in 2004
Double rainbow
Downriver from the falls
Looking downriver from the Hansen Bridge Overlook to the east of Twin Falls
Irrigation canals, big and small are prevalent around here
Also quite widely used, the circular irrigator. I can’t recall seeing one of these in California.

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