Day 13 – Burley to Pocatello, Idaho

86 miles, 2211 feet climbed

Headwinds just about all day. But the chip seal wasn’t as bad as the day into Twin Falls. Another day of sunshine with just a couple of sprinkles let loose from a passing cloud.

We left Burley, crossed over to the north side of the Snake River, then over to its south. Nearly 20 miles was spent on Baseline Road, pretty much the middle of nowhere. We didn’t see the free-ranging cattle until near the end but kept eyes out for their road deposits. Some more time on the Interstate, this time I-86, which had less traffic (at one point I thought it had been more than a minute since a car of truck passed by in my direction) and cleaner shoulders.

The end was a constant climb of roughly 5 miles to the eastern side of Pocatello, then a little south to our hotel at the bottom of a short descent. We’ll reverse that in the morning.

Looking back down the Snake River toward Burley
Baseline Road looking east into the wind
This little guy or gal was hanging out by the side of the road on Baseline Road
Looking east from our first SAG stop at the I-86 Rest Stop. That’s the Snake River, our constant companion for now.
Register Rock, with fading signatures from early visitors traveling west.
Wheat about ready for harvest
Just on the outskirts of Pocatello, the JR Simplot Don plant, a producer of fertilizer and other phosphate products. From the look of the hill in the background, you’d suspect that it contained one of the raw materials. But no, the satellite view shows a series of ponds up there and the hill must’ve been sculpted to support them. Phosphate actually comes from Wyoming. For more: