Day 18 – Riverton to Casper, Wyoming

120 miles, 2539 feet climbed

This is our longest day of the tour. The weather cooperated, with arm warmer temps to start. It did get into the low 90’s at the end, so I reloaded my water bottle with ice as well as water at the last few opportunities. Rob, Dan, and I were out relatively late due to Rob having 3 flats. Tailwinds near the end helped me hit an 17.4 mph average speed.

Most of the final three miles was on a bike path along the North Platte River. It could use a little smoothing. There were a couple of upthrusts that nearly launched me off of my bike; my pedal cleats kept me connected with the bike.

THe Boysen Reservoir, slightly west of Shoshoni
View from the first of three SAG stops
Hells Half Acre, site of Native American Bison harvests (by driving the Bison over the edge to their deaths). It has changed since I was here in 2004. For one thing, there was a restaurant. Today there is just a vacant, graded area, with no evidence of the former structure. Second, instead of the current chain link and barbed wire fence set back from the lip of the basin, a log fence allowed us to get much closer.
2004 vintage fence around Hells Half Acre
Panorama from 2004
A little greener than most of the rangelands.
Getting closer to Casper