Day 19 – Casper, Wyoming (Rest Day)

Chores today–cleaning my bike, rotating my tires (front to back and a new front tire), catching up on these posts and exploring Casper.

It felt warmer than the mid-70’s temperatures that temperature signs were showing. Clouds moved in in the early afternoon and let loose a few drops of rain while I was wandering around.

The Lou Taubert store is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. They claim to have 10,000 cowboy boots in stock.
Well, I am in Casper!
Everyone needs retail therapy!
$20 lunch at the House of Sushi
Casper Mountain, more of a ridge actually. It is the home of the local ski area, nordic ski trails and other recreation opportunities.
The North Platte River. We rode on a bike path along it on our way into town yesterday. It is said to be good for fly fishers.
A 1921 vintage building on the edge of downtown Casper