Day 21 – Lusk, Wyoming to Hot Springs, South Dakota

94 miles, 2802 feet climbed

We got some help from southerly tailwinds on the first leg of today’s route, until we turned to the east. Then it was more of a slog, and a little warmer than we’ve had so far. For the most part, the weather has been cooler than average. The quality of Wyoming’s road shoulders has improved too. Do they want us to leave not entirely mad? Some of the pavement in South Dakota was fresh and quite nice as well.

Hat Creek Station, north of Lusk

Wyoming is generating some extra revenue, it seems, by baling the hay growing in the highway right of way.

Seen on a train waiting near Edgemont, these look to be Boeing 737 fuselages on their way to Washington state to get their wings (and some updated software?)