Day 34 – Mauston to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

96 miles, 2516 feet climbed

After a light catered breakfast (1 egg cheese omelet + meat + toast, or 2 eggs + meat + toast, 2 pancakes + toast–choose one). We headed off. Add that our first SAG wasn’t until the 40 mile mark and I was expecting to bonk. Instead, I did just fine. I even rode for a while with Jerry Springer (of Racine Wisconsin, not that other guy) for a bit. Jerry was riding a loop from his cabin in the vicinity.

The Wisconsin River
Buffalo Lake near Montello
Downtown Montello
Downtown Ripon
A farm on the outskirts of Fond du Lac

2 Replies to “Day 34 – Mauston to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin”

  1. Great bycylog Paul. I was introduced to it by Pam, but only after you had already reached day 23. I went back and have enjoyed reading about your adventure in its entirety and from the beginning. The photos are terrific. I particularly enjoy the comparative photos and descriptions from your prior trip and this trip. Having grown up in a small farming community I like the comments and views of rural and small town life as you transit the backroads and pathways on your journey. Thank you.
    Russ Munson, Rancho Mirage, CA,

    1. Thanks Russ. I’m more city oriented myself. My dad spent so much of his life trying to escape the farm but near the end he seemed especially nostalgic about it.

      I’m ready for a trip where we spend a day or two exploring cities, whether Portland sized or smaller places like Boise or Sioux Falls and really get to see neighborhoods. With needing bigger hotels that tend to congregate on the peripheries and a seeming bias to avoid city traffic, this tour actively works against that interest.


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