Day 45 – Rochester to Syracuse, New York

89 miles, 2717 feet climbed

Today a steady rain began as we left the hotel and continued for at least two hours. We rode only the first 5 or so miles of the Erie Canal trail and then diverted to Route 31 for 60 miles or so. With the rain and needing to keep moving, I took only a few photos.

At the second SAG stop, Karen showed me the future weather radar track of a heavier storm. That incentivized me to put my head down and make some speed for our hotel. I just about made it when light rains began to fall again, but was able to watch the heavier rains from the lobby.

As I was cleaning my bike, I noticed that my rear tire was soft. When I squeezed it, water was coming out of the tread. It was definitely time to replace the tire and I did at the mechanics session.

The Erie Canal in Pittsford
This looks a lot like the boat I photographed yesterday
Erie Canal walkway, again in Pittsford
Ducks in the canal
One of the Erie Canal locks
Lake Onondaga on the northwest side of Syracuse
Great Blue Heron. It was motionless for quite a while, only moving to dart under the water after something. It came up empty.