Day 10: Flagstaff to Holbrook, AZ

96 miles, 807 feet climbed

Today was a fast day, the first half downhill the second uphill, though less steeply so than the downhill. Some felt aided by a tailwind but it felt more like a crosswind to me. Almost all of it was on I-40. I’ve now concluded that Arizona’s Interstates have even more tire debris than California’s something I thought impossible. Plenty of flats to go around.

My first flat in a couple of days came just outside of Winslow, from a small wire I picked up along the way. That put me on wire patrol whenever we’re on the interstate. I found two in my rear tire after the ride. Thankfully they hadn’t worked into the tube.

Today’s cliche photo
Tire shred obstacle course. It isn’t always this bad, but you have to keep an eye on the road in front of you. It cuts into scenery gazing time, for sure.
A coal-fueled power plan near Holbrook
Beds and old cars in Holbrook