Day 11: Holbrook, AZ to Gallup, NM

93 miles, 1873 feet climbed

Just about as long as yesterday, with 1000 feet more climbing. The climbing was gradual, though, just constant. Add a time zone change and 45-minute rail crossing delay, and I just had time to clean up before dinner.

Our route took us into Gallup to the south of the railway; our hotel was on the north side. I saw a few riders waiting to cross and decided to sneak a recovery shake at McDonald’s. After taking my time with that, I could see the riders still waiting. Ultimately John found an alternate route using a bridge over the tracks that was beyond our hotel.

Flats were aplenty again today. I pulled one wire while stopped for a photo, saving another flat. Then I pulled another after dinner and the process of checking for wires (deflating and pinching the tires to find entry points) seemed to cause my front tire to go flat not during the checking but a few hours later.

Jeanine and Casey waiting . . . and waiting
Found during after dinner inspection
Found inside the tire after it went flat. Set against the “tapable” symbol on my credit card for persepective