Day 12: Gallup to Grants, NM

66 miles, 886 feet climbed

Much less time on the Interstate made for a more peaceful day, with one exception–five miles of bad road, as the expression goes. That was part of the otherwise nice frontage road which was in the process of being refreshed. It was at the stage where the top layer had been ground off, leaving teeth marks from the grinding tool. Extremely buzzy at the handlebars, to say the least. Going faster helped a little, but not much. The one bronze (not going to silver here) was that it proved the vibration reducing capabilities of my Cane Creek eeSilk seatpost, purchased after riding a different kind of bad road on the 2019 America North tour. My arms and wrists were feeling every little diviot but my butt wasn’t feeling any of it.

Today we crossed the Continental Divide. Wally from the 2019 trip asked if we were in the Rockies. I told him I wasn’t sure that they extended this far south and it turns out I was correct. They are generally held to end near Santa Fe, which is to the northeast of our crossing point, and our destination two days hence.

I wouldn’t normally mention this but this Holiday Inn Express doesn’t keep any cash or coins on hand to say, break a $20 bill. They say they haven’t for years. Unfortunately the third floor vending machine takes only paper bills. The first floor machine does take credit cards but a soda is $2 if you have cash or $3.50 on your credit card. Not a reasonable convenience fee. Bad hotel!

And with this, I’m finally caught up.


After about 19 miles on a frontage road, here we are back on I-40