Day 28: St. Joseph to Chillicothe, MO

87 miles, 4590 feet climbed

Today’s winds were light and favorable. Storms threatened those to the west but we stayed dry. The challenge for the day was nearly relentless short hills, the largest of which came at the end of the route, nearly until we arrived in Chillicothe.

Traditionally the Dekalb Historical Society puts on our first SAG. We grouped together at the Marysville Elementary School (in Marysville, and home of the Wolverines), where we had some show and tell time with the kids. Once everyone arrived, we rode in a loose formation to the Historical Society’s museum across from the Dekalb County Courthouse. They had cinnamon rolls and lemonade for us.

Eight of us had a nice late lunch at the Boji Stone Café | Coffee House & Bookstore on Washington Street in Chillicothe, about a mile from our hotel.

A day’s worth of climbs, thankfully short, but they just kept coming