Day 29: Chillicothe to Kirksville, MO

75 miles, 4721 feet climbed

Today was another day with fine weather, light winds that were never opposing us, and more–even more than yesterday–short hills followed by short descents, rinse and repeat. Legend has it that someone counted the individual climbs on either today’s or yesterday’s route and came to a count in excess of 100. It sure felt like it. The last climb ended about half a mile from tonight’s hotel.

The local drivers were so patient with our slogging up all the little climbs. The center lines indicated “no passing” and they were scrupulous in honoring that, not even straddling the center line while zipping around us. Whenever I crested a hill ahead of one of them, I’d waive them around if there was no traffic coming the other way. One driver rolled down her window to thank me. You’re welcome and thank you too.

This being over halfway through the ride, I replaced my chain tonight.

Its too soon to go to Boston
Looking back up the road from the 2nd SAG
Horse property on the south side of Kirksville. It may even be within the city limits.