Day 43: Buffalo to Victor, NY

79 miles, 3264 feet climbed

The weather has turned colder again. Low to mid 50’s to start, getting up only to the mid 60’s. And fairly strong winds, mostly coming as crosswinds. Thermal arm warmers and legging were in order, along with a wind vest. Today we had more rollers, with the longest climb less than half a mile long. It was best to keep moving to generate heat and I took fewer photos as a result. Getting out my camera involved unzipping my vest to access by jersey pocket, which let out a bunch of heat and let in the cold winds.

Rollers looking back
And forward, with our luggage van positioned to monitor our progress. Tom is very good about cheering us on as well.
Doug and Dean at Pizza Land in Avon, site of our second SAG
Around the corner from the second SAG in Avon
Honeoye Falls. At the far right you can just see Jim taking a closer look.