Day 42: Erie, PA to Buffalo, NY

91 miles, 2310 feet climbed

Today the winds were going to help us much of the day until we turned directly north coming into Buffalo, when they turned into pretty strong crosswinds. The road surfaces were among the better ones we’ve encountered. Another SAG at an ice cream place. I partook of some very good cherry product. Later, a few miles from our hotel, I had my first Boston Cream doughnut from Tim Horton’s, likely not the last.

We’re starting to see wineries and grape vines in this area. More to come, no doubt.

Jim takes a lot of photos of the riders and posts them to our WhatsApp group. This is me, eyes on the road.
Golf being one of my other pursuits, I generally have a few in my trip portfolio. I might be a little behind at this point.
A lighthouse on Lake Erie
Along Lake Erie right before we turned inland toward our hotel. I’m not sure if we’re looking at downtown Buffalo or Canada.